The company Trans Service Václav Mrštík DOPROVODY, s.r.o. offers

  • Escorting abnormal transport by escort vehicles
  • Arrange several permits
  • find and prepare route for abnormal transport 
  • check undercrossings, ride profiles, bridges


And next, when it is necessary: 

  • escorting by police-cars by extreme transport dimensions, or if is requested 
  • escorting by public transport staff (overheight transport drives under a trolley wire)
  • escorting by CEZ energy staff (overheight transport drives under power wire)
  • escroting by phone services staff (overheight transport drives under phone and data wire)
  • escorting by transport police department by crossing-over complicated roads and areas 
  • escorting by public transport staff (electricity switch off in trolley wires is necessary, using of tramway´s rail)
  • asistance by CD railroad staff by crossing-over rails or electrified rails, 
  • agreement with using highways, speedways, cityways or private ways
  • agreement with transit throught big cities like Prag, Pilsen, Brno etc. 
  • agreement with low weight limit bridges
  • bridge checking, eventually their adjustment for croosing-over (supporting, bypassing etc.) 
  • agreement with closing some parts of road etc. 


We escorting by own vehicles. They are equip with:  

  • warning beacons and lights
  • warning triangles and notices 
  • CB radios (fix mount and mobile), mobile phones with hands free
  • semaphore discs 
  • reflex-vests 
  • telescopic yard sticsks, laser rangerfinder, rollmeter etc. 
  • power saw 
  • electric generator with disc grinder and 500W working light
  • videocam and digital cam


In cooperation with the company REAG V.M. we offer: 

  • purchase and sale
  • advertising agency
  • double entry accountig, tax evidence


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